Why do Abrahamic Religions fight with each other?

Why Abrahamic religions fight with each other

Why are they called Abrahamic Religions –

  • Abrahamic religion is a monotheistic religion in which only One God is worshipped. The most notable of them are Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Abraham is common patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  • Under Christianity, Abraham is considered the progenitor (poorwapurush) of all the believers.
  • Islam considers Abraham as one of many prophets with First prophet being Adam and last prophet being Muhammad.
  • Adam has been considered as the first human in these three religions.

Judaism –

  • Judaism was originated during 3000 to 1000BCE and its modern form began around 500BCE in Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Around 8th century BCE, Babylonian empire captured the land of Israel . Jews believe in ‘One God’ and their prophets. Torah or Hebrew Bible is the holy book of Jewish.
  • Rules are valued more in Judaism to regulate human behaviour. Judaism does neither consider Jesus ‘Messiah’ nor ‘ the son of God’. They don’t believe in teachings of Islam.

Christianity –

  • Christianity began as an offshoot of Judaism in 1st century CE.
  • In 1054 CE, Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church got separated which is known as Great Schism.in 16th century, Protestantism developed with the beginning of the reformation movement by Martin Luther.
  • Christians consider 3 dimensions of God- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, called as ‘Trinity’. Jesus is known as Son of God.
  • Despite its origin from Judaism, Christians do not believe in Jews law. Jewish communities were discriminated and faced by violence especially in Europe.
  • Christians also do not accept Muhammad as a prophet. Roman Church always saw Islam as a political and theological threat after 7th century. Crusades or Holy wars happened during 11th and 13th century to recover Jerusalem and their surrounding areas.

Islam –

  • Islam began since beginning of the 7th century CE in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
  • Till middle of 8th century, Islam spread to North-Africa, Europe and Central Asia.
  • Sunnis, Shias, Ismailis, Alevis etc communities developed within Islam due to political and doctrine difference.
  • Muslims consider prophet Muhammad, a messanger sent by Allah, to spread messages of Quran.
  • Islam sees Judaism and Christianity as old versions of Islam. Various Jewish and Christian prophets have been recognised by Islamic tradition .

What is the conflict between Abrahamic religions –

  • Hebrew Bible calls Temple Mount, the First Temple. Christians consider Jerusalem important since crucifixion of Jesus happened in the city around 30AD. Jerusalem is important to Islam since they consider it the last place visited by Prophet Muhammad with the help of Buraq.
  • Jews consider “holy of the holies” under the “Dome of the rock”, this they have the right over it. In1967, it was decided that only Muslims have right to prayer in Temple Mount and Jews were given this right in western wall. Now Jews sought permission to be given for the prayer in Temple Mount as well and Muslims want Jews to leave Jerusalem.
  • Abraham had two sons Isaac and Ishmael and the Jews consider themselves as the descendants of Jacob, son of Isaac. While Muslims consider their origin with Ishmael.
  • Jews never considered Jesus as their Messiah and this has been the reason for conflict between them. Christians were persecuted in large numbers in its initial phase since their beliefs did not match Judaism’s.
  • Christians considered Islam as a false religion because Islam didn’t believe divinity of Trinity and Christ. First Crusade was started to liberate Holy Land from Islamic rule.
Sodhi Gautam

Sodhi Gautam

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