Gangkhar Puensum

It is the highest peak of Bhutan. Its height is 7,570 meters

In 1994, Bhutan had stopped climbing on mountains higher than 6,000 meters.

Kabru North Summit

These are two peaks which are located on Nepal-India border. Its northern peak is unconquered.

The height of the peak is 24,110 feet.

Karjiang1, Tibet

Its parent range is Himalaya and the parent peak is Kula Kangri.

Its another peak is Karjiang 2 which has been climbed by N Shigo in 1986. But no one ever climbed Karjiang1. In 2001, a Dutch group attempted but was unsuccessful.


The word mean 'fish-tail'. its height is 6,993 meters which is 1,856 meters less than Mt. Everest

This range is part of Annapurna Range whose height is comparatively less.

Mount Kailash

It is one of the most fascinating peak of the Himalayas. Its height is 6,700 meters

Known as "Spiritual Heaven', Mount Kailash is a sacred peak in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Bon religion.

Climbing has been  restricted on Mount Kailash.