Lonar Crater is located in balistic bedrock in Maharashtra.

Though exact age of the Crater is unknown, it is esitmated to be older than 52,000 years

It is believed that a meteor collided with the Earth with a speed, 42 times more than the speed of sound.

The weight of the meteor was around 2 million tonnes whose impact created a 1.8 Kilometer wide & 150 metre deep crate.

'Lonar', the term originated after the name of demon Lonasura, a demon living inside water body

Lonasura was killed by Lord Vishnu under the lake.

Inspired, Chalukya Kingdom had constricted the Daitya Sudan Mandir in this region.


The lake has two distinct water region which do not intermix with each other

The outer region of the lake has water with pH value 7 & the inner region has highly alkaline water with pH value 11

Monitor lizards are found in abundance in the lake.

The Lonar Crater lake has forced scientists & geologists to find answers of some most forceful questions.

The Lonar Lake turned Pink suddenly in july 2020.

Scientists revealed that the pink colour was due to the appearance of salt-loving Haloarchaea microbe in large scale

Mythological relevance 

In Valmiki Ramayana, the lake has been referred as "Panchapsar"

During kis returning from Lanka to Ayodhya, Lord Ram had hinted Sita to  watch the lake