It is believed that heart of Lord krishna beats inside the Lord Jagannath idol. Anyone who will see it, will die.

The priests who have performed the ritual of changing the idols say that Bramha Padarth (present inside idols) feels like a living thing, but no one actually knows what it is in realit

As soon as someone enters the temple through Singh Dwar the sound of the sea waves stops coming

No birds fly or sit above the Shikhar of the temple, so no chopper or aeroplane is also permitted to fly above the temple.

The 14-feet tall Shikar of the Jagannath temple does not cast shadow at any time of the day.

The flag on the temple flutters in the opposite direction of the wind.

Wherever you look the Sudarshan Chakra of the temple, that side you will see the face of the Chakra.

It is believed that if the flag on the temple's shikhar is not changed everyday, then the temple will close for 18 years.