The Blue Whale is the largest existing organism on earth, weigh as much as 200 tonnes weight.

Sometimes, dead Blue Whales are surfaced at beaches by winds & waves.

Unlike Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales are bigger and their dead bodies explode as well.

Explosion happens as the trapped gas inside the body of dead whale releases with sudden burst. In order to release the trapped gas, Biologists prefer to cut the body of the Whale slowly.

That's why It is advised to steer clear of a dead Whale body at beaches.

  Some famous       Incidents

A large number of Pilot Whales were found lying at beaches in New Zealand in 2017.

The dead 300 Whales posed a great logistical  challenge.

A 60 tonne heavy Whale was found lying dead at Taiwan's beach in 2004. The body was planned to be transported to an University.

During the transportation, with a massive splash of rotten flesh, a big explosion took place.

In America, a dead body of Whale was decided to be exploded with help of explosives.

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The blast was  intensive and its impact were not confined to beach only.