1. Somnath Jyotirling

It is situated at Somnath in Gujarat. It is the oldest Jyotirlinga in the countru.

2. Kashi Vishwanath

It is located on the banks of Ganga in Varanasi; It is believed to be the purest jyotirlinga.

3. Mahakaleshwar

Situated in Ujjain, Mahakaleshwar is considered as 'swayambhu" as is considered as self-manifested.

4. Mallikarjuna

It is situated in Srisalam, Andhra Pradesh. Padadal Petra Sthalam is located at this temple.

5. Omkareshwar

It is Located on the  river island of Narmada river. It's named so as the island shape resembles "Om".

6. Kedarnath

Built by Pandavas, it is situated in Uttarakhand. It remains accessible only for 6 months.

7. Bhimashankar

It is situated in Khed Taluka, Maharashtra and the temple was built in 18th century.

8. Trimbakeshwar

It is situated in Nashik city of Maharashtra. It is believed that Lord Shiva went there on the reqeust of Godavari & Rishi Gautam.

9. Grishneshwar

Grishneshwar mans Lord of Compassion. It is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

10. Baidyanath

Located in Jharkhand, it is the place where Lord Shiva cured Ravana.

11. Rameshwaram

Located on Rameshwaram island of Tamil nadu, Rameshwaram Jyotirling is related to lord Eama.

12. Nageshvar

It is situated near Dwarka, Gujarat. It is where Lord Krishna used to do "Rudra Abhishek".