Ukraine Sought Pakistan’s Help For Developing Nuclear Weapons |Pakistan’s Shady Nuclear Sector to help Ukraine?

Ukraine using Pakistan help in making nuclear weapons

A Russian senator has alleged that Ukraine and Pakistan recently discussed the technologies for developing nuclear weapons.The latest claim came after Russia ramped up its rhetoric regarding Kyiv’s alleged preparations to use a radioactive “dirty bomb.”

A “dirty bomb” is a conventional bomb that disperses radioactive, biological, or chemical materials during an explosion. The term is frequently used interchangeably with radiological dispersal device (RDD), a weapon that uses radioactive elements.

Claims Explained:

Igor Morozov, a Federation Council’s defense committee member, claimed that Ukrainian experts traveled to Pakistan and met with a delegation to discuss nuclear weapons technology Morozov argued that the ability of Ukraine to produce a “dirty bomb” is not a secret to anyone. Morozov stated, “the threat is real,” while discussing the potential for Ukraine to use a “dirty bomb” as a provocation. The legislator added that the Tochka-U munition could be employed with a low-power nuclear charge.

Additionally, he highlighted the possibility that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy discussed nuclear weapons with his British and American allies. The United States president is permitted to use low-yield atomic bombs anywhere in the world, without Congress’ approval.

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Allegations or Reality:

Russian politician offered no convincing evidence to support his claims.But Islamabad was previously found sending weaponry and ammunition to Kyiv in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to reports, M/s DMI Associates, an arms dealer located in Islamabad, has been in touch with M/s Defense Industry Group, a company based in Bulgaria, to make it easier for the Ukrainian government to obtain manufactured defense supplies.

Ukrainian company M/S FORMAG, based in Kyiv, had contacted M/s Bluelines Cargo Pvt Ltd in Pakistan to supply gloves for the Ukrainian army. According to Geo-Politik, the 122 mm highexplosive fragmentation artillery shells used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are produced in Punjab, Pakistan.

Ukraine-Pakistan Defence Relations:

Pakistan has more than 320 Ukrainian T-80UD tanks in service with a fully formed ecosystem for their upkeep, use, ammunition and spare parts.Last year, Pakistan and Ukraine agreed to optimize military ties, particularly in defence production, training, counter-terrorism and intelligence domains.

Between 1991 and 2020, Ukraine concluded arms contracts worth nearly $1.6 billion with Pakistan Ukraine was one of the countries that had opposed India’s nuclear test in 1998 and had condemned India’s actions at the UN Security Council, post the test.

Recently, there have been many contradictory messages in Russian rhetoric regarding the use of nuclear weapons.Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister, called his Western counterparts, alleging that Ukraine was getting ready to employ a radioactive “dirty bomb.”

The US, France, and Britain, three nuclear-armed states on the UNSC, stated that Russia’s accusations were “transparently false” in a joint statement. They believe that Russia may stage a “false flag” strike using a dirty bomb to justify using nuclear weapons while it is disadvantageous in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Pakistan’s Response:

Pakistan has denounced statements from the Russian senator calling them illogical. Pakistan’s ministry of foreign affairs said that the statements were baseless and sought an explanation from its Russian counterpart.

Possibility of Nuclear Use:

Experts don’t see meaningful military targets for nuclear use in Ukraine. There isn’t a port or an airfield or massing of large numbers of troops that would be a traditional battlefield nuclear target.

But as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is failing and as they continue to be pushed out of Ukrainian territory, there are enormous incentives for escalation. President Vladimir Putin may be able to cover this humiliating defeat by launching a nuclear strike on Kyiv to affect regime change by killing the Ukrainian government.

While there may not be a meaningful military target, but the purpose would be to make Ukraine back off and at least divide the West-an attempt at psychological terror, And then he can claim that the special operation was successful because in Russia, everything depends on the interpretation.

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